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emma ryan

designer & milliner 

glór na mara 

My new collection 'Glór na Mara', the call of the sea, is inspired by the movement & flow of the Irish Coasts & Seas. Evoking the crashing waves of the West Coast as the Atlantic ocean shapes our shores, to the birds-eye view of the dulse (seaweed) filled waters below as they ebb & flow in the tide, to the play of solas (light) on the breaking waters below & evoking the stormy elemental force of our Irish Coastal storms & seas. This collection encapsulates the movement of our Irish waters from playful to powerful & from mesmerising to an elemental force to be reckoned with. Bringing together colour, fluidity, vibrancy & detail, each piece is a unique expression of flow and creativity. 

the series 

The collection comprises five series. 

Tonnta (waves), Grá (love), Dulse (seaweed), Solas (light) & Lasrach (flame) 

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