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Creating something out of nothing.

One question I get asked very regularly is where do I come up with my ideas for hats and headpieces? And the answer is a simple one....everywhere!

There is no set explanation for it, it could be from a shape I have seen, a piece of art, a building or sculpture, to simply a colour. Sometimes inspiration comes from a fabric or material and I just know what I want to create with it. Other times it is a person, a character in a movie or in real life. You can get an essence of a person, a feeling that can spark an idea for a shape, style or colour scheme.

Sometimes when you are searching for an idea it can be the most difficult part of the process. I find that if I immerse myself in the research of a topic and let every idea flow, then you will soon see what elements you are being drawn back to. Go with your gut instinct, it's usually right. There are not set rules here... just go with the flow. This is the time to dream, almost like a spiderweb, linking elements together at first in a creative mismatch, but soon I find the linking elements find their way together.

Let your ideas change, this is the fluid time of creativity. When you begin to then focus on a clearer image, this is then your primary focus and now the questions can really begin... How is it formed? What materials are needed? How do I create the shape? How will it stay together and be worn?

Now begins the trial and error stage. Creating something new takes time, patience and constant problem solving. When it is said "Blood, sweat and tears" went into something... in creating something new, they mean it!

However, you need to allow for subtle changes to take place, this is all part of creating something new. You will find some ideas work and others need to be tweaked ever so slightly. Don't let this put you off, go with it and usually with a little deviation from the original plans you will come up with something even better.

When you see your own creation come to fruition, from an idea to a drawing to an actual piece you can hold, it makes it all worthwhile. However, when you see your design worn and enjoyed by someone else, this is for me is the "Cherry on top", literally!

Le grá,

Emma xx

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